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Translations of the Holy Quran

By the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

In its natural language (Arabic), the Quran is the direct Word of Allah (God) to mankind through the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The text of the original Arabic Quran is identical and unchanged since its revelation. At this website, we present translations of the Holy Quran in many languages.
Please note that anytime a translation is done into another language, the translator has to interpret the meaning and render it in the new language. Therefore, it is, by nature, an approximation of the meaning, since words and ideas cannot be expressed identically in different languages. However, translations of the Quran tremendously helps a person who wants to learn and understand the Quran.
To better understand the Holy Quran, we would strongly encourage you to also read a scholarly written commentary of Quran (tafseer). A tafseer references to reasons behind a verse, to sayings of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) (hadith) and to acts of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) (sunnah).
English (A. Yusuf Ali), English ( M. H. Shakir)

Türkçe (Diyanet), Türkçe (E. Hamdi Yazır), Türkçe (Y. Nuri Öztürk)
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